Who We Are

Jesse and Rachel, Owners of Ashbrook Land Co

We aspire to connect people with the land of their dreams. Land is the literal foundation from which all else can grow: food, shelter, projects, dreams, and legacies.

We're a small family-run business specializing in buying and selling rural land across the United States. We purchase off-market properties directly from property owners, sometimes in bulk, so that we can provide our buyers the best deals possible. We are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service through friendly and prompt communication. We want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your land and the entire purchasing process. We strive to always do the right thing and make every part of the process transparent and easy to understand.

The founders, Jesse and Rachel, started buying and selling land in 2017 while they also worked in their respective fields of finance and medicine. They started full-time traveling the country in their RV later that year and were blown away by all of the beautiful places this country had to offer. In early 2020 they founded Ashbrook Land Company and decided to devote their undivided attention to growing the company and find more land deals.

Land is an investment that will last a lifetime. If you're looking for land to start your legacy, give us a call at 234-230-6539, or send us a message using the green messaging button in the bottom right corner. We look forward to serving you in your land search!

Mailing Address: 1985 W Henderson Rd #67263, Columbus, OH 43220

Rachel made the entire land purchase a "piece of cake". She walked me through everything and was right on top of things. As soon as I sent the money, the deed was notarized and recorded only a couple of days later. I just visited my new property in Wolf Creek Montana today and I am very pleased with the purchase. Thank you again 😊

The Ashbrook Land Company is a superb company. Their communication skills and desire to help you obtain the land of your dreams is top notch. Probably some of the best service I’ve had when buying a piece of land. I would recommend them to anyone.

I just purchased a piece of land from Ashbrook Land Co., LLC, and I am very happy with the professional yet personal approach that Bob and Rachel Ashbrook gave to me.The whole process was easy and painless, and only took a couple of days. Everything was done online, but I felt completely secure giving out my personal information, because I think the Ashbrooks are truly honest people to deal with.